• Outback Restaurant Brings Taste of Home to Deploying Airman

    Thompson Field, Jackson, Mississippi, July 11, 2015 - A line could be seenextending from the 172d Airlift Wing dining facility as the aroma of steak floated across the base. Deploying Airman from the wing's Civil Engineering Squadron and their families were treated to a send away dinner prepared by the local Outback Steakhouse."When I found out
  • Maintainers Ensure 172d C-17s Fly High

    Chances are, you've never wondered what it takes launch a fleet of C-17 Globemaster III aircraft to support the mission of the Mississippi Air National Guard and our nation.  Much like the air we breathe or the water we expect to come from our faucets, we likely take the Air Force maintainer's efforts for granted when we see one of the behemoth
  • 172d AW Graduates Record CCAF Class

    The 172d Airlift Wing held its largest Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) graduation ceremony on Sunday, November 2, 2014 with over 60 graduates. The graduates included enlisted members from the 172 Maintenance Group, 172d Medical Group, 172d Mission Support Group, 172d Operations Group, 172d Airlift Group, Joint Forces State Headquarters,
  • 172d AW Member Recognized as the ANG's Crew Chief of the Year

    It has been announced that the Air National Guard's top crew chief for 2013 is a member of the 172d Airlift Wing's Maintenance Group. Master Sgt. Brian Kennedy has been named as the 2013 CMSAF Thomas N. Barnes Crew Chief of the Year Award winner. "The award is given annually to Airmen that the Air Force Association recognizes as making the most
  • 172d AW FSS Customer Service Section wins DOD Award

    The 172d Force Support Squadron Customer Service Section was recognized for their commitment and dedication to excellence in customer service from October 1, 2012 through September 30, 2013. The recipients of the award are (Ret) Master Sgt. Theresa Hinton, Tech. Sgt. Holly Tucker, Senior Airman Josie Morehead, Airman 1st Class Brittney Ross, Airman
  • Chief Developments at the 172d AW

    Thanks to a Magnolia State visit by the Air National Guard's top ranked enlisted leader, Mississippi Air National Guardsmen were saluted for the impact they are presently making while also getting a preview of what their future roles may entail.With a 'boots on the ground' mentality of getting face-to-face with the state's ANG enlisted forces,
  • Former American POW's Share Their Incredible Journey With Group at Thompson Field

    Two American warriors who paid a tremendous sacrifice on behalf of their country were welcomed to Thompson Field Thursday May 16, 2013. These former prisoners of war were special guests of a Mississippi's Military Order of the World Wars group and shared their haunting experiences and tremendous insight with the audience.Col. Ken Cordier was an Air
  • Mississippi First-Term Air Guardsmen Receive Senior Guidance

    With an eye on the future, some of the Mississippi Air National Guard's most seasoned veterans recently invested quality time with more than 30 first-term Airmen in hopes of inspiring and preparing them to embrace future leadership roles.The combination of command chiefs and 1st Sgts from the 172d, 255th and CRTC escorted the Airmen to Camp Shelby
  • Mississippi Guard Forces Shift Gears to Help Needy 172d AW Family

    Thanks to the combined efforts of Mississippi Army and Air National Guard personnel, a deployed MS Guardsmen's family has seen first-hand how a lemon can be turned into lemonade.Although Master Sgt. Terry Medley's family didn't literally see lemonade made, what they did witness was an overwhelming rush of support that enabled them to overcome an
  • Generous donation made on behalf of children of MS Air National Guard members

    Thanks to a generous donation presented to the Mississippi Air National Guard on behalf of the children MSANG personnel, more kids will have the opportunity to participate in the camps and retreats conducted by the Mississippi National Guard.  Post 1776, Boys State Program Director Steve Guyton and Joe Kersh, Adjutant of The American Legion