Space A Information

The 172nd Airlift Wing Space A Office has a Flight Information Recording accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Comm: 601-405-8761
DSN: 828-8761

The Space A Travel Office has a representative available every other Monday, and every Tuesday-Friday from 0930L-1130L, and 1200L-1530L.
Comm: 601-405-8761
DSN: 828-8761

Space A sign up can be accomplished via Comm: 601-405-8698, DSN: 828-8698
141 Military Drive
Jackson MS 39232

The 172nd Airlift Wing has limited accommodations for Space A travelers:

No billeting is available, however there are several hotels in the local area.

  • No transportation off base is available.
  • Phones are available 24/7 to contact local taxi services and hotels.

General Information

  • Space available passengers travel only after all duty cargo and passengers have been accommodated. All available seats are released, but there is no guaranteed movement in the preferred time frame, Have sufficient funds available to complete travel using commercial transportation if necessary.
  • Space available (Space A) eligible travelers may not use their privilege for personal gain or in connection with business enterprises or employment. Space A travel may not be used to establish a home or when international or theater restrictions prohibit such travel.
  • Family members must be legal dependents - spouses and children - of military personnel (including National Guard and Reserve members).
  • Space A seats are normally identified as early as 2-3 hours and as late as 30 minutes prior to departure. Recommend checking with the passenger service center for the space available show time prior to departing the terminal. Be ready for immediate processing and boarding.
  • Travelers are assigned a category (see below) upon registering for travel and compete for seats within categories based on the date and time of registration. This date and time of sign-up is valid through to destination; a new date and time are assigned for return travel. Travelers may stand by for any available flight.
  • Space required passengers or cargo may require the removal of Space A passengers at any point. If removed en route, travelers may re-register with their original date and time of registration. Passenger agents will assign a new date and time to any country changed or added to an application. Names of all originating space available passengers who depart on a flight will be removed from all destinations. Travelers should be prepared to purchase onward or return commercial transportation, meals, and lodging.
  • If you have any question or comments, please send e-mail to