Virtual April UTA Information

In response to the COVID-19 crisis the Wing is providing the following information:

1.  April 2020 Unit Training Assembly dates are 4 & 5 April

2.  Fitness Testing:  The April fitness test has been postponed; the date for makeup is to be determined.

3.  Attendance at UTA:  Sections will determine the approved options for their members to attend drill. Be prepared to be contacted by your section supervisor for information on where to be and what to do. Some members may attend a Virtual UTA and be required to complete training and then provide documentation for credit. Some members may be required to physically attend drill at the base. However, personnel who live outside the commuting distance may attend drill virtually, or if they have no internet capability, their drill may be rescheduled. If approved to physically attend, lodging with family and friends is authorized however no hotels are available.  

4.  Download the USAF Connect app on your mobile device. Go to favorites and add the 172 Airlift Wing. Return to the unit home screen and there are more options for you as a user.  

5. Updates can be found here, on public website,  the USAF connect app, or  by calling 601-405-8000.


April UTA FAQs

April UTA Learning Modules