172d's Capt. Keith Herrington Earns Award While Serving in Kuwait

  • Published
  • By TSgt Ed Staton
  • 172d AW
While serving in ArifJan, Kuwait for the CENTCOM DDOC (Deployment Distribution and Operations Center), the 172d AW's Capt. Keith Herrington has been named the Company Grade Officer of the Quarter. The award highlighting Herrington's accomplishments marked the second calendar quarter of 2012.

Capt. Herrington is the Officer-in-Charge of the Single Ticket Tracker section in Current Operations Division. He has served brilliantly in training newly assigned single ticket managers and maintaining weekly and monthly reporting statistics to higher headquarters. He has overseen Operation ENDURING FREEDOM surges in passenger movements and developed sound mitigation strategies to ensure deployer, redeployer and intra-theater passenger movements maintain high velocity and maximizes scarce theater assigned airlift assets.

As the CDDOC resident technical expert on the single ticket tracker program, Capt. Herrington is looked upon by the entire theater as the unquestioned voice on deployer and redeployer movements. His in-depth knowledge of the CENTCOM Supplement to the Defense Transportation Regulation ensures all joint service validators are meeting the intent CENTCOM's intra-theater guidance. He has personally validated and scheduled Intra-Theater airlift requirements and facilitated onward movement for over 101,855 passengers this quarter. He has continued to work exceptionally well with ARCENT G4 personnel to ensure the accurate and timely movement of deployers and redeployers, as US Army his largest customer.

He spearheaded the implementation of new processes and protocols for validation accuracy of all Intra-Theater IT PID ULN requests, resulting in an increased proper utilization of the IT PID in accordance with the CENTCOM Intra-Theater Airlift DTR Supplement. In order to ensure rapid dissemination of information, he has promoted communication and facilitation between downrange LNO's and CDDOC, directly resulting in a 273 passenger decrease of average quarterly pax NO SHOW's, at a savings of $600,000 or 6 C-130 missions.

As lead Single Ticket Manager, he coordinated and trained all STT cell arrivals, all-the-while maintaining a continuity of service, moving all deploying and redeploying passengers within the standards of the Intra-Theater Airlift DTR Supplement at rates of 92% and 99% effectiveness, respectfully. He has ensured newly assigned STT managers are sufficiently trained and reduced the time required from more than two weeks to an intensive single week of observation and hands-on training. New members are on shift have confidence to answer all questions and work mission changes and ULN drops with equal expertise. Capt. Herrington developed a thorough CDDOC STT Cell training program to ensure consistent and messaging template and trained all STT newsgroup users in its implementation.

He has completed two of the three course requirements for Squadron Officer School during the second quarter and is prepared and scheduled to take the final exam to complete the course. He has also taken it upon himself to conduct physical training at least five times per week, resulting in the loss of 15 pounds during the second quarter.