Airman from the 172nd Airlift Wing Assists Stranded Driver

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Vanessa Rivera
  • 172nd Airlift Wing

As airmen, we’re taught to embrace the Air Force Core Values of “Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do.” Recently, an airman from Jackson, Mississippi epitomized the core value of “Service Before Self” through his benevolent actions.

On March 4th, Tech. Sgt. Adam Holmes, an air transportation specialist assigned to the 172nd Logistic Readiness Squadron, stopped to assist a driver whose vehicle had broken down, was stranded on the side of the road and in need of aid. 

While driving to a co-worker’s residence, Holmes noticed a vehicle that seemed to have been in an accident, parked on the side of the road. After passing by the vehicle again on his way home, Holmes observed tire-marks leading to the parked vehicle and decided to pull over. 

“I felt in my gut that something was wrong, so I decided to stop and check on the driver," said Holmes. "I wanted to make sure the driver was not suffering from a medical emergency.”

Holmes was able to use his knowledge from being a volunteer firefighter to assess the situation and ensure the driver, Ms. Connie Chatmon, was not physically injured or in need of medical attention.

Lt. Col. Christopher Wright, 172nd Logistics Readiness Squadron Commander, commented on Tech. Sgt. Holmes’ reputation as a selfless leader, and someone always willing to help those in need. “Adam is a person who genuinely cares about other people. That’s just who he is. He embodies the Air Force Core Values, especially service before self. That’s Adam.”

Chatmon stated that her car just stopped, and she was scared. She’d been trying to get someone to come help her, but everyone she knew was at work. Chatmon said that she was stranded, and Tech. Sgt. Holmes was the first person who had stopped to help her.

Holmes called a tow truck to assist Ms. Chatmon, and concurrently escorted her to a local mechanic shop. He then drove her to a nearby pharmacy where she was met by a family member. Both Ms. Chatmon, and the family member expressed their gratitude towards Holmes for his assistance that day.

Sharing his thoughts on how Tech. Sgt. Holmes handled the situation, Lt. Col. Wright said, “First and foremost, that's who he is. That is an absolute reflection of who he is all the time, not just when he's driving down the highway and sees somebody stranded. He is a person who genuinely cares about other people, and someone who does not hesitate to step up and jump in when needed. He's going to sacrifice his time, that's just who he is.”

When asked, “What would you say to someone who found themselves in a similar situation?” Holmes replied, “Go with your gut feeling. If