183rd AES Contact Information, Mission and Positions


183 AES MissionTo train and maintain readiness to deploy, in war or
peace, in support of the movement of injured or
wounded, as tasked by the President of the United
States or the Governor of Mississippi

Full-Time Recruiting Contacts

Positions and Descriptions

1. 41AX- Health Services Administrator Officer- Manages health services activities, operations, and human resource management.

2. X46FX- Flight Nurse- Manages in-flight nursing care, programs and services.

3. 33S- Communications and Information Officer- Manages and directs all Aeromedical Evacuation communications and information capabilities and limitations.

4. 3C1C1- Radio Communications- Operates, deploys and sustains radio transmitters, receivers and ancillary equipment for line-of-sight, air-to-ground and satellite communications.

5. 3S2X1- Education and Training- Conducts education and training tasks for Aeromedical Evacuation Members.

6. 4A0X1-Health Services Management Technician- Manages health services and activities.

7. 4A1X1- Medical Materiel Specialist- Performs and manages preparation and maintenance of manual and mechanized accountable medical materiel records, requisitioning, receiving, storing, and issuing supplies and equipment.

8. 4A2X1- Biomedical Equipment Technician- Manages the inspection, assembly, repair, calibration and modification of bio-med equipment and support systems.

9. X4N0X1-Aeromedical Evacuation Technician- EMT, plans, provides and evaluates routing patient care. Assist flight nurse during in-flight care.