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172nd Communications Flight

Command Section
Communications Flight Commander
Comm: 601-405-8324
DSN: 828-8324

First Sergeant
Comm: 601-405-8501
DSN: 828-8501

Policy and Evaluations
Comm: 601-405-8347
DSN: 828-8347

Plans and Resources Flight
Plans and Resources Flight Chief
Comm: 601-405-8316
DSN 828-8316

Plans, Programs, Resources, and Readiness
Comm: 601-405-8497
DSN 828-8497

Force Development and Training
Comm: 601-405-8476
DSN: 828-8476

Base Support (COMSEC, EMSEC, IA)
Comm: 601-405-8347
DSN: 828-8347

Operations Flight
Operations Flight Chief
Comm: 601-405-8344
DSN: 828-8344

Comm: 601-405-8276
DSN: 828-8276

Network Operations
Comm: 601-405-8355
DSN: 828-8355

Client Service Center
Comm: 601-405-8690
DSN: 828-8690

Transmission Systems
Comm: 601-405-8420/8237
DSN: 828-8420/8237