172nd Force Support Squadron



-172d Force Support Squadron The 172d Force Support Squadron provides a myriad of support and assistance to the military and civilian members assigned to or living near the largest military installation in the Air Force. This squadron's support structure consists of the Military Personnel Section, Airman & Family Readiness Center, Airman Leadership School, Civilian Personnel, Education and Training, and Manpower and Organization Flight. Our family of highly trained military, and civilian professionals, are devoted to providing the wing and the Jackson metropolitan area with administrative, personnel, and personal support. Our motto: "Mission First People Always" serves as our badge and shield of honor. It is our privilege to ensure accurate, timely, and professional service in support of our DOD family.

The 172d Force Support Squadron consists of the following capability flights:

Manpower and Personnel --Human resources experts for military and technician personnel, ID Card section for military members, dependents and retirees

Sustainment Services--Experts responsible for fitness/sports, lodging, food service and Morale/Welfare & Recreation

Airman & Family Services--Personnel dedicated to providing seamless integration between home station and deployment programs, A-Z support for Airmen and families and integrated causality and mortuary affairs

Training Management--Professionals providing training and testing as well as sustaining synergies between Education and Professional Development.

Contact Information:

  • Customer Service 601-405-8562, 8381, 8379
  • Manpower and Personnel
    • Human Resources Systems Manager: 601-405-8382
    • Installation Personnel Readiness/Military Passport Agent/LOD/INCAP: 601-405-8394
    • Manpower/HRO-Remote/Military Passport Agent: 601-405-8361
    • Personnel Superintendent/OG & MDG Force Sustainment Clerk: 601-405-8401
    • AW/CPTF/209th/255th/JFH/CRTC Force Sustainment Clerk: 601-405-8381
    • MXG Force Sustainment Clerk: 601-405-8379
    • MSG Force Sustainment Clerk: 601-405-8749
  • Services Sustainment
    • Services Superintendent: 601-405-8286
    • Prime Ribs Manager/Lodging/Fitness Assessor: 601-405-8891
    • Lodging: 601-405-8474
  • Education and Training
    • Force Support Development and Superintendent (BETM): 601-405-8205
    • Formal Schools Clerk: 601-405-8362
    • Federal Tuition Assistance Benefits: 601-405-8770
  • Recruiting and Retention
    • Retention Office Manager (ROM): 601-405-8590/Cell: 601-850-3960
    • Recruiting Office Supervisor (ROS): 601-405-8590/Cell: 601-942-3536
    • Production Recruiter: 601-405-8127/Cell: 601-720-3308
    • Production Recruiter: 601-405-8019/Cell: 601-692-4713
    • Production Recruiter: 601-405-8464

DEERS & ID Card Section:

---Monday from 0800-1100 & 1200-1400 and Tuesday through Friday from 0800-1100 & 1200-1500. NOTE:  Closed on Mississippi Monday
---Please go to the website below or call the number below to schedule an appointment.
  • Online scheduling can be done at https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/
    • Users must search for our DEERS site either by city and state or by inputting our Site ID (154768).
    • Once our site is selected, users can view openings on our calendar and schedule their desired date and time.
    • First and last name, phone number, and email address are required to book; it is recommended to use a personal email as the confirmation will be sent via email.
    • For questions or further information, call 601-405-8562 or 601-405-8379.

---Please feel free to call ahead to ensure system availability, 601-405-8562