172nd Security Forces Squadron

172d Security Forces Squadron 

The 172nd Security Forces Squadron organizes, trains and equips combat-ready personnel to secure the weapons storage area and to provide a safe, secure environment for personnel, resources and information. They maintain the highest state of Force Protection capability while providing the best possible police services to the community and its priority resources.

Members of the 172d Security Forces Squadron deploy in support of worldwide Joint Chiefs of Staff force protection commitments. The squadron provides in-garrison force protection technical expertise, oversight of the integrated base defense program and guidance on all security matters for assigned protection level resources and all military personnel, family members and DOD civilians. The squadron conducts Expeditionary Combat Skills training for wing personnel.

The Eagle Eyes program is an Air Force anti-terrorism initiative that enlists the eyes and ears of Air Force members and citizens in the war on terror. Eagle eyes teach people about the typical activities terrorists engage in to plan their attacks. Armed with this information, anyone can recognize elements of potential terror planning when they see it. The program provides a network of local, 24-hour phone numbers to call whenever suspicious activity is observed. You and your family are encouraged to learn the categories of suspicious behavior and stay attuned to your surroundings. Contact the Antiterrorism Officer or alert local authorities if you observe something suspicious.

Security Forces Creed: I am a security policeman. I hold allegiance to my country, devotion to my duty, and personal integrity above all. I wear my badge of authority with dignity and restraint, and promote by example high standards of conduct, appearance, courtesy, and performance. I seek no favor because of my position. I perform my duties in a firm, courteous, and impartial manner, irrespective of a person's color, race, religion, national origin, or sex. I strive to merit the respect of my fellow airmen and all with whom I come in contact.

Contact Information:

Commander: 601-405-8726

Superintendent 601-405-8247

BDOC 601-405-8642

Antiterrorism Officer 601-405-8014