--Operations Compliance Function (LGLO)

           --Training, Functional Systems, Resource Management

The Operations Compliance function is the Commander's single point of contact for "health of the squadron" issues. OC provides oversight of squadron compliance, training, resources, accountability and analysis. Measures LRS processes through inventory analysis, surveillance, trends and standards (including oversight of document control), develops and writes local policy/procedures and performs "over the shoulder" inspections augmented by all LRS career fields. This section is focused on centralized oversight of critical squadron programs, many of which are executed at the flight level.


The Materiel Management Flight is responsible for stocking, storing, issuing, managing, inventorying, and inspecting DoD supplies and equipment. This flight is the primary liaison between customers and the Air Force Global Logistics Support Center (AFGLSC).

--Asset Management

This section consists of the following elements: Central Storage, Aircraft Parts Store (APS), Hazardous Material (HAZMART), Individual Equipment Element (IEE) and Individual Protective Equipment (IPE). Responsible for stocking, storing, issuing, decentralized inventory and inspection management of DoD supplies and equipment to include aircraft parts and hazardous materials (HAZMAT). Inspection and inventory duties are decentralized to the various warehouse storage functions within LRS requiring inspection actions.

--Customer Support

This section consists of two elements: Customer Support Liaison and Equipment Accountability. Customer Support serves as the materiel management liaison and equipment accountability authority for wing customers.

--Maintenance Support

The Maintenance Support Section consists of two elements: Maintenance Support Liaison (MSL) and Flight Service Center (FSC). MSL monitors the overall maintenance and materiel interface, resolves materiel support problems, review reports and coordinates materiel management related training needs for decentralized materiel support personnel. FSC supports maintenance by providing control of all items requiring replacement. Unserviceable items are managed from the time the faulty part is removed until it is repaired, designated not repairable this station, or condemned.


The Deployment & Distribution Flight is responsible for the centralized command and control, planning, and execution of all wing deployment operations and the distribution of cargo, passengers, and personal property. The flight is responsible for the execution of Air & Space Expeditionary Forces (AEF) Management, Unit Type Code (UTC) Management, In-Garrison Expeditionary Site Planning, and Installation Deployment Planning. The Deployment & Distribution Flight operates a Deployment Control Center (DCC), Reception Control Center (RCC), and Installation Deployment Readiness Cell (IDRC), as necessary. This flight is also responsible for the management of the wing's War Reserve Materiel (WRM), Support Agreements. Additionally, the flight is the single installation transportation authority for planning, managing and executing the movement of personnel as well.


Responsible for transportation of cargo and personnel in support of daily and contingency operations. This section is also responsible for receipt and shipment of DoD supplies and equipment and consists of the Vehicle Operations and Cargo Movement Elements.

--Plans & Integration

Provides wing-level management of AEF, Unit Type Codes (UTC), Expeditionary Site Plans, Installation Deployment Plan (IDP), Deployment Training, Deployment Control Center (DCC), Reception Control Center (RCC), and core elements of an Installation Deployment Readiness Cell (IDRC). This element also provides oversight of the wing's WRM and Support Agreements programs.

--Small Air Terminal

The Small Air Terminal and Passenger Movement are responsible for providing official travel services for the movement of DoD passengers. The element consists of passenger service personnel and the Commercial Travel Office duties include determining official travel entitlements, collecting and submitting high level reports for unused tickets and premium class travel, providing official travel reservations and ticketing services, and performing Quality Assurance Evaluations.


The mission is to ensure quality petroleum products, cryogenics fluids and missile propellants are acquired or produced and issued safely and efficiently to using organizations. Manages all expeditors, hydrant refueling, mobile refueling, and refueling maintenance systems. Performs maintenance on tank and plumbing systems for fueling vehicles. Supervises bulk fuel storage, service station, and cryogenics storage except when a separate cryogenics production section is authorized. The Lab establishes a base fuels laboratory function to evaluate the quality of fuel and fuel-handling systems, for each base handling aviation fuel.


The Vehicle Management Flight will be responsible for overall management and maintenance of the wing's vehicle fleet and assign, account for, and maintain vehicle assets so they are safe, efficient, and environmentally sound and meet the wing's needs.

--Customer Service

Responsible for mobile maintenance, minor maintenance, and incoming vehicle inspections. CSC is the point of contact between the vehicle user and vehicle management. CSC technicians debrief vehicle operators and perform incoming inspections on vehicles for the purpose of determining maintenance requirements. The technician in charge of this section must have experience in all aspects of vehicle management. Quality and service is the byword of this section, it must be readily accessible and recognizable to the customer.

--Vehicle Management & Analysis

Ensures the efficient and economical operation of the base vehicle fleet y scheduling, controlling maintenance production, ensuring accurate data collection and analyzing the On-Line Vehicle Interactive Management System products. Also, performs fleet management duties and develops local retrievals to obtain specific data for the Vehicle Maintenance Manager/Superintendent Production meetings, vehicle buy programs and vehicle control function duties.

--Multipurpose Maintenance

Responsible for maintenance of the general and special purpose vehicle fleet.