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Gov. Tate Reeves issued a Safe Return order for the state of Mississippi. The order goes into effect Monday, June 1 at 8 a.m.

Commander's Update


COVID-19 Updates

Updates can be found here, on public website,  the USAF connect app, or  by calling 601-405-8000.


Wing Implements Health Protection Condition CHARLIE
Thompson Field is in Health Protection Condition (HPCON) Charlie in response to COVID-19.

HPCON Charlie measures are mandatory for all AW service members and civilian employees. These measures are required to ensure the continued health and safety for our community.

In an effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19, please take the following actions:

  • Strict hygiene (No handshaking, wipe common-use items)
  • If exposed, self-isolate (Wear mask and remain home)
  • Avoid contaminated water/food or risk area
  • Follow social distancing procedures (avoid large gatherings, keeping six feet distance from others)

Base Access Restrictions
Access to the installation is limited.  This measure ensures only those with official business on base are being granted access. We still encourage everyone to practice social distancing and avoid traveling if not essential. Help us protect our mission of training and developing premier Warfighters for our Nation's defense.

Limited Access to Support Facilities (BX, Credit Union, Fitness Center)
The BX and Credit Union may offer reduced hours of operations; contact them prior to going.

- Contact the Base Exchange at 601-932-3930.

- Contact the Credit Union at 601-932-5194.


- The Fitness Center will be open Monday - Friday. The hours will be 0700 to 1530.

- The Gym will be cleaned daily after normal business hours.

         - Only ten people are allowed in the fitness center at a time.
         - To maintain social distancing some machines have been marked “Non-Usable”. Please only use the machine that are open for use.
         - Do not crowd the weight area. There are only two dumbbell racks, so there should only be two people working out in that area at a time.
         - Refrain from using a spotter. If you need to go down in weight to accomplish this please do.
         - As always make sure you are sanitizing each piece of equipment every time you use it.

Travel Policy
For full-time military members, local area is defined as the state of Mississippi and not to exceed Mississippi borders.  Personnel in an ADMIN LV status are required to be within 1 hour travel distance in the event of a recall. Civilian and family member leave or travel is not prohibited by this restriction; however, travel outside of the local area is highly discouraged.

Security Forces Will No Longer Handle ID Cards
In an effort to reduce contact between individuals entering Thompson Field, new gate procedures are being implemented immediately for base entry. When approaching the gate, hold onto your ID card with the back barcode visible to the Security Forces member. The defender will scan your card and allow you to enter the installation. Your safety is extremely important and this process will minimize the spread of germs between individuals while still enabling the defender to maintain a non-diminished security posture. If your government issued ID card does not have a barcode, ensure the entire face of the card is visible to the defender to include the photo on the ID and expiration date. Please adhere to directions from the Defenders as you enter the base.​


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